Buck Owens’ first national TV appearances came in 1963 and 1964, with several guest spots on both ABC’s Jimmy Dean Show and NBC’s Kraft Music Hall. He first ventured into his own nationwide TV series in 1966. His friends Bud and Don Mathes, owners of Mathes Brothers Furniture in Oklahoma City, asked him to host a half-hour TV show. The show, to run 52 weeks a year, would be sponsored locally by Mathes. Buck saw an opportunity to expand his horizons by having the shows nationally syndicated, and at its peak, Buck Owens’ Ranch ran in 100 markets. Four times a year, Buck taped a dozen or more shows on a set he had built at WKY in Oklahoma City. During the first few years, the shows were performed live to tape—each segment between commercial breaks was done without stopping or editing! In later years Buck brought his son Mike in to help and they started editing the shows together after the songs were taped. Mike eventually became the show’s announcer, and Buck’s older son Buddy also performed on the show as “Buddy Alan.” Old and new fans alike will be delighted to see and hear Buck Owens and his Buckaroos perform the music that made him one of the biggest names in country music and the originator and father of the “Bakersfield Sound.”

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