Welcome to Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace
located in beautiful Bakersfield, California.
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  •     Under Your Spell Again
  •     Foolin' Around
  •     Above and Beyond
  •     Mental Cruelty
  •     Excuse Me (I Think I've Got Heartache)
  •     Act Naturally
  •     Together Again
  •     Love's Gonna Live Here
  •     A-11
  •     Sam's Place
  •     I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)
  •     Buckaroo
  •     Before You Go
  •     I've Got A Tiger By The Tail
  •     My Heart Skips A Beat
  •     Waitin' In Your Welfare Line
  •     Cryin' Time
  •     Think of Me
  •     Open Up Your Heart
  •     It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me)
  •     How Long Will My Baby Be Gone?
  •     Big In Vegas
  •     Made In Japan
  •     Streets Of Bakersfield
  •     Hot Dog

Guitars Suits Memorabilia


pink rwbel rwbac white black gold
Pink paisley Fender Telecaster gifted to Buck by his friend Marty Stuart.

seq red sgold spink s-show
Buck came up with the idea of having a suit made of solid sequins. After it was finished and he tried it on, he realized it was too hot and heavy to wear on stage! He only wore it one time.

pep m-acm m-mic m-cma m-billboard m-gold m-jam m-tvg m-rwa m-acc m-amic m-hee m-songw
PEP Records 45 of “Hot Dog” by Corky Jones (Buck’s rock’n roll psuedonym).

Read All About Buck

With this 27 page multi-media Biography by Rich Kienzle, complete with photographs sound and video clips. Learn how Buck started out as the son of a sharecropper with a dream of a better life. Music became the inspiration that led him out of the fields and into a life of a recording artist that not only achieved a dream of success but also helped develop a sound that took the world by storm.